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October 15, 2014

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- It's finally out!
- Let's see what's inside!
- Let's not wait any longer! Where can I download it?

  It's finally out!

Today, I am proud to introduce my first application on the Google Play Store : EZPaperz.

Originally developed for my personal use, I realized it could be useful for many other students and researchers who, like me, use Papers as a reference manager and want to access it from their Android phone/tablet.

What triggered my decision to release it globally was the transition from being a regular French PhD student to being a 4th-year PhD student who needs to fight for getting this extra year funded.


This being said,I chose to offer the main features (like Dropbox syncing, pdf downloading and search tools) for free, while advanced options are available upon purchase. Additionally, you can support my work both as a PhD student and as a developer by donating a few bucks (see the « About » tab in the app).


I hope you will like it.



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  Let's see what's inside!

Currently, free features include :
    - Synchronizing with Dropbox
    - Listing articles and displaying their main information (title, authors, source).
    - Downloading Pdfs when available
    - Searching within articles. 

Extra features are :
    - Sorting options
    - Search filter
    - Author’s tab
    - Collection’s tab 

Depending on the app's success, future updates may include:
    - Bookmark’s tab and bookmark management.
    - Customizable settings
    - Lab’s tab : experimenting new features. 

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  Let's not wait any longer! Where can I download it?

Right below:

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